Submission of applications for granting Suitability Licenses for Importers-Suppliers and Affiliates via HGC’s Information System

The Hellenic Gaming Commission announces that all entities, which have not yet submitted the relevant application and are interested in applying for Suitability License for Importer-Supplier, according to Article 10 of ministerial decision of the Minister of Finance numbered 79305 ΕΞ 2020/23.7.2020 (GG Β 3262) and Suitability License for Affiliate, according to Article 4 of the Decision No 509/1/11.09.2020 of the Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC) (GG Β 4140), they may submit their application via HGC’s Information System.

All the required documents for the applications are submitted electronically. In case that for technical reasons the electronic submission of the documents is not possible or in case that the required documents should bear an Apostille stamp then the applicants are obliged to submit the documents also, in hard copy, by Post at the following address: 17 Acharnon Street and Mavrokordatou Square, postal code 104 38, Athens, Greece. The HGC’s Protocol Office follows a Monday–Friday workweek from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m..

For any further questions about the submission of the electronic application process and/or any technical issues which may arise during the above process, the interested parties may address HGC’s Technology Infrastructure Directorate (tel: +30 211 107 5050 and +30 211 107 5059).

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