Public Consultations

HGC, through the site of Open Government (, announces the draft of all its regulatory acts and the technical specifications that are to be adopted, inviting the relevant market players, the players, as well as the citizens who so wish, to express freely their comments, opinions and/or suggestions on the above.

The Authority chose to have an active participation in the consultations, by depositing, while they last, answers and clarifications on the public’s comments. In this way, it encourages the public dialogue and demonstrates practically to the participants that their comments are being studied and exploited.

The reformed drafts, which have incorporated the information obtained during the consultation phase, are communicated to the European Commission, under the procedure of Directive 98/34/EC. The drafts are posted on TRIS (Technical Regulations Information System) website, where they remain in standstill period for three months, giving time to the EC and all other Member States to study them and, where appropriate, make comments or express opinion.

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