The Games that are included in the supervision of HGC are ranked in the following main categories:

Games of Chance are the games whose result at least partially depends on luck and which can provide players with financial gain.

Games of Chance are governed by the probability law and luck plays a decisive role in the outcome. Randomness may be induced either by using a Random Number Generator (RNG) or other mechanisms, or by lottery carried out physically.

Typical games of chance include lotteries, number games, betting, casino games (e.g., roulette wheel, poker, blackjack) etc.

Electronic amusement games are those games that, in addition to supportive electronic and other types of mechanisms, require hardware as well as gaming software which is incorporated or installed on it, which contains all information, instructions and other data relating to the use and engagement in the game.

Typical examples of electronic amusement games are arcade games, like, for example the well-known Tetris and Pacman, as well as simulation games, for example racing, soccer, wrestling, flight simulators, etc.