Cooperation at European & International Level

HGC has developed a series of contacts with foreign bodies, either by participating as a member in networks representing the regulatory authorities at European and international level, or by participating in working groups of the European Commission, or by developing direct co-operation with homologous regulatory authorities, in order to consolidate its international presence and to strengthen its know-how in matters of its competence.

Participation in regulatory authorities representing networks

  • Gaming Regulators European Forum (GREF)
  • International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR)

The purpose of both networks is to promote the effectiveness of gambling regulation, exchange of views, experiences and know-how, promote co-operation between regulatory gambling authorities and provide a central point of contact and reporting for government agencies and the representatives of the international gaming industry.

Cooperation with the European Commission and with homologous regulatory authorities

HGC, as the competent regulatory authority, represents the country in the Expert Group established by the European Commission on Online Gambling. The duration of the work of the group was set by Decision C (2012) 8795 of the European Commission for a three-year period, which was extended by Decision C (2015) 8643 for another three years, that is until 31 December 2018.

The task of the Expert Group is to develop a dialogue for the formation of a common European framework on the principles and standards that should govern the provision of online gambling services (Towards a comprehensive European framework for online gambling).

In November 2015, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between the gambling regulatory authorities of most EEA-member countries concerning online gambling services [EN]. On the Greek side, the agreement was signed by the Chairman of the Hellenic Gaming Commission.

The agreement mainly covers the areas of information exchange on gambling providers, the protection of players, the integrity of gambling, the restriction of unnecessary administrative procedures and the use of good practices.

In addition to the above agreement, HGC has already developed cooperation with overseas regulatory authorities abroad, exchanging visits, meetings and correspondence in order to exchange views on issues of common interest.

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