Granting of Online Gaming License

Pursuant to the provisions of law 4002/2011 (Government Gazette A 180), in particular the provisions of article 45 of the above, and the provisions of the Online Gaming Regulations that were established for the regulation of the Organization and Conduct of Online Gaming, in particular ministerial decisions of the Minister of Finance numbered 79305 ΕΞ 2020/23.07.2020 (GG Β 3262), 79835 ΕΞ 2020/24.07.2020 (GG Β 3265) and 79841 ΕΞ 2020/24.07.2020 (Β 3266), the legal persons wishing to be granted a License for the Organization and Conduct of Online Gaming may apply for one, by submitting related application to the HGC.

For the conduct of online gaming, two types of licenses are provided:

  1.  a license to conduct Online Betting, as per the second subparagraph of article 25 (c) of law 4002/2011 (GG A 180); and
  2.  a license to conduct Other Online Games of Chance as per article 25 (v) of law 4002/2011 (GG A 180).

Each candidate license holder may apply and be granted both types of licenses. Licenses are personal and may not be transferred, granted or assigned in any way, in whole or in part. Each license is unique and indivisible and cannot be split, while it is prohibited in any way to lease or jointly operate the license with third parties.

The HGC invites the legal persons that wish to submit the application of article 45 of law 4002/2011 (GG A 180), with the supporting documents and data of article 5 of ministerial decision numbered 79835 ΕΞ 2020/24.07.2020 (GG B 3265), and by taking into account the HGC Directive 1/2020, in order to demonstrate their compliance with regulatory framework and be granted a license to conduct online gaming

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